Quick facts:

Developer: Nopia Oy
Release date: Q4 2018
Platform: Youtube, eventually mobile(iOS and Android) and PC

Additional info:



Writer: Felicia Prehn
Director: Teemu Erämaa
Music: Toni Kurkimäki

Contact: Felicia Prehn - felicia (ät) or Teemu Erämaa teemu (ät)


About Nopia:

Nopia has been producing high-quality animation and VFX since 2010 with projects such as Wolfenstein II teaser, Playstation and Halo 5. In 2016, Nopia took its first steps into the game development world by creating a mobile game called Rescuebusters for publisher Syrawise Oy.


Features of Alvin From Earth:

  • Community-driven episodes: Viewers will be allowed to heavily influence the series through votes.

  • An authentic late 80s/early 90s art style that will give even youngsters nostalgic vibes

  • Original musical score by producer and DJ Toni


Press release 27th of August, 2018 - 

Nopia Oy Ltd., a Pori, Finland-based producer of high-quality animations, games and advertisements, is pleased to announce the 4 September launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its new interactive comedy sci-fi series, “Alvin From Earth.”


What would happen if you put classic Adult Swim shows like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and "Sealab 2021” in a blender with classic adventure games like LucasArts’ "Monkey Island"?

Either a terrible-tasting smoothie, or a hilarious, retro pixel-animated action adventure called “Alvin From Earth”!


The series will be community-driven, allowing viewers to influence upcoming bi-weekly episodes by way of vote and other contributions, drawing inspiration from viral interactive online comics such as “Homestuck” and “Prequel”.


Comments from beta testers who were shown three short test episodes have been overwhelmingly positive:


“The writing style matches old LucasArts stuff to an admirable level and the dialogue has a lot of zing to it without being too tame.”

  • JD Sorvari, Lead Writer, Rival Games Ltd

“This episodic format is great!”

  • Veikko Pukkila, character of culture


“I am really enjoying this. They are just the right length to take a break during the day and have a good time.”

- Jennifer Suoperä, avid gamer


The timing of the Kickstarter crowdfunding announcement coincides with the recent addition of Mika Reini, formerly CFO at Espoo-based Remedy Entertainment, to Nopia’s Board of Directors.  Reini’s presence and experience from one of Finland’s best-known entertainment firms lends another level of clout to Nopia’s fast-growing team.


“Alvin From Earth” is the result of a nine-year project by Nopia CEO Teemu Erämaa from his childhood passion for adventure gaming. "Creating an interactive series has been a dream of mine for many years,” he says, “and the fact that we're finally doing it feels crazy, but I'm so excited!"


The series is written by Nopia producer Felicia Prehn, known for her sizable presence in the Finnish gaming community, as well as her advocacy for the visually impaired in modern life, and her eurodance career under the name MC Licia. "I have been writing songs and stories for most of my life, and when I met Teemu I knew that one day we'd bring my characters to life," she says.


Music for the series will be composed by Finnish music producer Toni Kurkimäki, known in the Finnish club scene as DJ Tony and Deck Jagger.


“Alvin From Earth” is only the beginning of a longer journey, with more titles to come.


Nopia Oy Ltd is an independent animation studio and developer of mobile games. It remains available for large, long-term animation projects for its clients.


Visit for more information and to see the Beta episodes.


For our work in animation, visit


Media may visit for further information.

(The crowdfunding is arranged by Norded :

Mika Reini (left) and Teemu Erämaa (right)

Mika Reini (left) and Teemu Erämaa (right)

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